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Every cleaner is unique , why you should fixed the weekly slot

Every cleaner is unique come with different attitude and cleaning skill set. Even go same training , they have they different attitude. It is not easy to find someone suit your placed . If you find someone you like , they do as what you need. You should immediately fix the cleaner on weekly packages. How do you fixed the cleaner at maid2maids? Buy a package by click in below

Cleaning Services Packages (Once a Week 4 Times x 4hours)

We will send weekly same time , same day of your choice. It will save you money because it is cheaper and it will help you peace of mind , you won't need to tell them what to do for 2nd time(even more time to clean) , more trusted and you love the way they work!
So you can fixed the cleaner if you need a helper come and not cost you more time.
Don't think so long, because if they are good , others will fixed them down before you.

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