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How much it cost for a cleaning companies if we cancel without reason

Hi there. Here we discuss regarding why most cleaning companies is paid first before booking.
The cost of fake booking around rm50-60 or more if your location is far. Why? Here we count the salaries of the cleaner - Rm35-Rm50 of 4 hours you booked. She cant get another customer due someone have locked the slot. The transport - Rm15 - Rm30 , sending the cleaner arrive place and coming back because of fake booking. The cost of overhead - Rm5 - Rm10. So payment first is quite make sense but.. you must careful of irresponsible company. Take note of this few point.
1st - Must companies account and same name as the companies you call/text ( Do not bank in to personal account as it will increase rick )
2nd - Check they profile in Google, do check they always fulfill they booking of another customer.
3rd - Ask for refund policy if they cancelled or delay the booking.
Please consider the risk before booking. Do keep all your valuable item in safe place.

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