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Take cleaning services is high risk! 6 tips before hiring a cleaners

Most part time maids in the market is personal provider.
They hiring the cleaner without even have any legal document.
They pick them in the street , hiring anyone who wanna work without know they background.
That make the cleaning services in very high risk due of this kind of provider.
You won't able to find them because the number they register not under they name, no register companies ,no registered address , you don't even know the name of the provider!
Erm... High risk it is? If someone take valuable to your house where do you find them? how can i protect myself and my family?
Why you paid same price and take high risk?
Here is few tips we like to share.
a) Keep all valuable item in safe placed (cash , gold , diamond even cent)
b) Check the company profile in google (now most thing can be found in google) if don't have any details about the company , do not take. they hidden from been found if something bad happen.
c) Ask for company bank account , so you have transaction slip as a prove.
d) Read the term and condition (if any) before decide to hire.
e) If they didn't come when you already confirm everything and they even didn't inform you early about the cancellation , they are not a responsible companies. There is plenty others companies , do not worries to find the best.
f) Respect the cleaner , you will get best result. everyone love to been treat nicely. to get best result , do treat the cleaner nicely and they serve your place like they home.

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