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What is best practice to book a cleaning services?

Hi. We like to share a tips how is the best way to book a cleaning services!

1) Check on the cleaning companies profile. It is register with legal department, it will save you a lot of trouble when something is happening.

2) If the companies is told you to paid deposit or payment when you wanna confirm the booking,
there is few point you need to make sure
a) The account they ask you bank in is same as they companies name.
b) Try check they reputation in Google and Facebook.
c) Make sure you are available at the time you are booking and check on they cancellation / rescheduling policy before complete payment to avoid payment burn.

3) Make sure you know what kind services you're booking. Normally cleaning services is base on 3 different services
a) Normal housekeeping - 1 cleaner 2hours/4hours/8hours or 2cleaner - 2hours/4hours/8hours ( normally no equipment provided / cleaner only)
b) Spring / Deep cleaning - Depend on the size of your house / office / shoplot. Charges normally within Rm150 - Rm900. Equipment is provided.
c) Move in / out - Depend on the size of your house / office / shoplot. Charges normally within Rm250 - Rm1300. Equipment is provided.

4) Transport / others cost - Normally the charges they provide is include transport . Please ask your provider to make sure the price you paid is net and no other's hidden charges.

5) Do take care your own belonging. Put all expensive or valuable item in safe place and locked. If you don't put it in safe place keep it secure , it will been at risk.

6) Everyone deserve respect ,base on experience if you respect the cleaner , you will get twice it back. Do not use leg to show them item, they very sensitive in this. 

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