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What should we prepare before cleaner come ?

We always clean the house if we have expected visitor. but how about if we expect cleaner to come? what should we prepare?

1) Tools and detergent. 
Make sure it is enough chemical / clorox / detergent / powder for cleaner to use as you booked a cleaner.

2) *Your valuable item*
You must keep all valuable item in safe and locked placed to avoid cleaner reach and to avoid any misunderstanding (cash , gold , accessories ( gold , diamond , platinum ) , important document , expensive collection ( wine , antique , old banknotes ) even your children money(include angpow) , phone , ipad and others valuable items.

3) Said NO to rude , shouting , scolding, touching.
We respect all our customers . our cleaner trained to become friendly but
Please do not expect our cleaner will accept your bad attitude by your bad moods. We deserve respect as you do. Any rude event , we will pick our cleaner and there is no refundable for your payment.

4) Time matter.
Do arrange and tell cleaner do what is your priority , by let them know what your priority they will keep all important tasks on time. Do book extra cleaner or time on next booking to avoid any undone cleaning tasks.

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