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Why you hiring full time maids? cost and risk

Hi There! Let us discuss the cost and risk of hiring full time maids?
There is a lot discussion regarding this issues. First. Why you hiring a full time maids ? For children / baby care , for elder in house , for someone help you cook and maintenance the house? Good. then you start to search a agent that supply a FT Maid. The cost to hiring a full time maid is around Rm13000 - Rm18000. Time to wait around 1 months. Warranty 3 - 6 months. Salaries Rm1200 and with 1 -2 jobs scope you can ask her to work with. Include food provided ( if you're non muslim hire muslim maid, you need provide another cooking tools and food for the maids.) - Rm300 per months x 12 months = Rm3600 and others cost Medical / Doctor = Rm500 per years(include fomema). Clothes = Rm300 per years, space for maids live , broken item , going out to eat , mobile phone and others.
So we count the total cost per years Rm14400 + Rm16000 (average hiring cost) + Rm3600 ( food ) + others Rm1000 = Rm35000 / 12 months = Rm2916 per months!
Ok. So now you thing this affordable. Any others risk? Yes! Let's us share with you what step precaution to take. You have a risk of the maids run away and you can't stop them. They don't care about the permit or passport if they have better offer outside ( freedom / salaries ) and most case is they find they partner of life and if you treat them not really well , it will speedup this risk of maid run away. Agent only replace if they run away within 3 months. so all your starting cost is Burn! If they run away within 3 months , your cost of hiring the cleaner is Rm16000 + Rm3600 / 3months = Rm6533. You also risk of stealing item if you hiring an illegal maids that pick on the street . So do your own research before hiring. On next article we will discuss part time maids.

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