How to clean stained tiles in toilet/bathroom

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How to clean stained tiles in toilet/bathroom

How to clean bathroom toilet tile

We feel that toilet is the place that should be kept clean all time. When i dine in a restaurant, the first thing I judge whether the restaurant is hygiene for me to dine again would be base on the toilet cleanliness. In this article, i shall share my experience on how to clean a stained tiles in toilet. There is another topic which you can refer to here on how to clean your toilet thoroughly.

The common problem of stain tiles is

  • Hard Water spots
  • Discoloration
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Soap Residue

So what kind of prevention can we do to avoid toilet stain:

  1. Wipe the tiles often. This will act as a prevention so that the toilet tiles will not stain easily.

We highly recommend to use microfibre cloth for this activity.

  1. Use a brush to scrub on the tiles for extra cleaning.

If the stain have already formed in your toilet tiles, we recommend the following products to help facilitate your toilet stain removal:

  1. Steam cleaning the bathroom
  2. Do it yourself Solutions.
    1. Vinegar – Mix 50/50 vinegar and water solution mix in a spray bottle
    2. Hydrogen peroxide
    3. Chlorine beach.
  3. Off the shelf cleaning products you can get in your convenience store. Eg Mold and Mildew removal.

Happy cleaning!

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