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All booking for cleaning services is up to 4hours/8hours.
(Cleaner will left early if done earlier )
Our pricing is same 1hours-4hours cleaning. If cleaner done early, there is no discount on charges.

Cancellation Policy *
Cancellation  = 100% charges.

Strictly NO
Wash under direct Sunlight/Raining
Climb outside your house to clean rooftop/window.
Not providing proper stair/chair to clean your upper cabinet/ceiling fan.
Only 1 house/ office cleaning in 4hours 1cleaner.

Owner Responsibility *
Kindly please take note

a) Cleaner will direct call you or WhatsApp when arrive lobby.

b) For Condominium/ Apartment please make sure your management is allow cleaner go in.

c) *Please keep your belongings/valuable item in safe place*(we didn't entertaining any loss or broken item after cleaner is left your place)

d) *Do not left cleaner alone in your place*, we do not entertaining any slow work , jobs not done, we count by hourly.

e) *Make sure tell cleaner to be easy to item/equipment easy broken*. (We didn't paid any loss/broken items in your placed)

f) *We are platform that connect and arrange cleaner directly come to your place.* Please consider the risk or take safety measures on valuables item.

We believe respect is must been both side.

We didn’t accept our cleaner been disrespect(scold,rude,touch them)
We train and provide a friendly and experience cleaner.

Kindly can feedback to management if any services that not satisfy to you.

Any feedback or complaint kindly please WhatsApp us at 0176250121

Thank you for your cooperation.
We here hope to create a great experience for all our customers and cleaner.

Thank you for your cooperation.